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Frequently Asked Questions


We hope this list will help answer some of those easy questions. If you need more questions answered or you need more detailed answers to your questions please contact us at

Q: Will Caravan Packaging accept credit cards?
A: At this time Caravan Packaging is accepting credit cards as a form of payment.  Caravan packaging also accepts Money Orders and Company Checks for one time shipments. Caravan Packaging will also make arrangements for direct wire transfer of funds.

Q: Should we export crate material that will be loaded into an overseas container?
A: Yes. An overseas shipping container will not provide any protection from the salt air or moisture. Un-crated equipment can be difficult to block and brace into an overseas container. It may also be subject to unloading from the container at the port of discharge and transferred to another form of overland transportation. In some instances a well designed skid and moisture barrier bag may be adequate.

Q: Will Caravan Packaging make the export shipping arrangements?
A:Caravan Packaging would prefer that the customer make all necessary arrangements for an export shipment. Caravan Packaging will work closely with the freight forwarder of your choice to insure a trouble free shipment.

Q: Are there any special Import Restrictions on shipments entering other countries?
A:Yes, The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has developed an international standard for the heat treating of Solid Wood Packaging Materials. Visit for a complete list of countries requiring Heat Treatment Standard ISPM 15. You can also visit for more information about the ISPM 15 standard.

Q: Will Caravan Packaging arrange my "Domestic" shipment?
A: Caravan Packaging would prefer that the customer make shipping arrangements with the carrier of their choice. This usually gives the customer the benefit of any discounts that they may have in place with their carriers. Caravan Packaging will make domestic shipping arrangements for those customers whom do not have accounts with any freight companies. This is determined on a case by case basis. Caravan Packaging will work closely with the freight company in either instance to insure a trouble free shipment.

Q: Will Caravan Packaging assist me if I am out of the local area?
A: Yes. Caravan Packaging works with many out of the area customers making long distance arrangements a snap.